Meet Raven

Founder. Coach. Speaker. Friend. Learner. Teacher. Athlete. Traveler. Craft Beer Lover. 

10 years of working in leadership education, classrooms, facilitating team building and team dynamics, and being a part of teams and groups have shown me that community is essential to thriving. Not only do I deeply believe in community, I know that when badass women come together, magic happens :). 


I started Chasing Light after years of “trying.” For years I had ideas, plans, thoughts that never became actions.  I was running full speed at my full time job, coaching teams of young women, being present for every person in my life without making space for my desires, I was avoiding doing the “me” work. So finally, in 2017...I started. 


What was the catalyst? I was tired of settling and knowing that if I didn't actually start, it would be the one thing I would regret. I found a community of women that supported me honestly, authentically, and unconditionally when I moved from one space to the next. I addressed all of my fears and personal insecurities. I made space and time to show up for myself and live by my own design…and my crew is still cheering me on and it has made all the difference. 



Things I love:

  • being a part of others' journeys and success. 

  •  Stories and storytelling

  •  Wine

  •  belly laughs

  •  adventuring, and loving on friends!

  • My 7 year old pupper 

  • Travel

  • Stationery

  • Tasting all the beers


My heart smiles when people step into their power and live life as the best version of themselves. 



  •  authentic connection matters

  •  in the power of love and friendship

  • sometimes we need a little help to get to where we want to be  

  • that gratitude should be copious

  • creating communities of care is the most fulfilling

  • being intentional about what you want is at the core of living a happy and fulfilled life.